Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yeah for Fall!

Fall is my favorite season; although in New Mexico we don't exactly get to see the true sense of fall. We don't have a lot of trees to see the leaves change color, but we do get to go apple picking in beautiful orchards, the weather is divine, and the crops are getting harvested. The girls and I could spend all day outside in the Fall weather which is a good thing since we have recently acquired a new family member. This past week we decided to get a puppy; not just any puppy, a Great Dane puppy. You may be wondering what we were thinking and some days I am wondering the same thing. Sarge is his name and he is now 8 weeks old. Braid now has a new best friend and is in love (most of the time). Sarge is pretty big already and very strong. He is full of energy and fearless; this sometimes means that Braid may get knocked down to the ground. Most of the time she thinks it is funny and just wrestles with him on the ground unless she is feeling  sensitive or tired at the time, then she can get a little angry at him. We can all get a little angry at Sarge at times but for the most part we are really enjoying him. Every day seems to get better. Kate does not like him that much but he is starting to grow on her. Thankfully he seems to be smart and catching on to what he is allowed to do and what he is not allowed to do around here. He can already go on a half mile walk with us and probably could go farther but I'm afraid to push it for fear that I will end up having to carry him.

Kate Update

Kate recently had her 6 month check-up. She weighed in at 20 lbs 3 oz and was 28 inches long (both the 97%). She is in size 4 diapers and on the verge of moving to size 5. She wears 12-18 month clothes. I can't get a shoe on this girl because her feet are too chubby. Her hair is really starting to come in and get thick. She has the best personality. She is a complete goof ball and gives the best smiles. She is a complete cuddle bug. For the most part she is happy and content. She can cry tears at the drop of a hat but they are typically only seen if she gets hurt (very low pain tolerance, opposite of Braid), she gets scared, she's hungry or tired. She's my little morning person. I enjoy this because I am a morning person whereas Braid and Bo are not. Kate likes to go to bed early (me too). She loves to play with baby dolls and she has always been fascinated with the tags on anything. She can play with the tag on something forever. She has one little tooth on the bottom now and really enjoys getting to eat baby food, puffs, and a few samples of what we are eating every now and then if it does not require chewing. She is getting really close to crawling and really wants to be able to crawl. She gets up on hands and knees and rocks. She can go backwards but not forwards. She is a pro at the walker and can go wherever she pleases as long as it is on the hardwood floor. Braid loves for her to come to her bedroom door and then Braid will bring her toys or read her a book. Kate adores Braid and Braid adores Kate. They play really well together except when Kate pulls Braids hair which is done at every opportunity. Unfortunately, Kate has the worst allergies ever. She has been taking allergy medicine everyday for a while now but I am hoping with winter approaching this will not have to continue. I hate this for her especially considering where we live. I'm sure the next post will have a picture of our crawling little baby (not sure if I am ready for this). She is growing up way too fast.



Braid is all little girl these days; no more baby chub (tear). I have been so proud of her. She is the best big sister and quite the little helper. Lately on her favorite to-do list is: playing baby dolls, reading books, playing with her puppy, riding the tractor with Daddy, going to the library and going for walks. She also enjoys any opportunity to go to town or go to a friends house. She loves to stay up late and watch "tt" (tv) with Daddy. She loves to watch Curious George, Sleeping Beauty or anything animated really. She calls anything animated "Braid's tt." She also loves to help cook or bake. She will sample anything and says "I probably like it." She does like most things. She still loves sweets and asks for candy for breakfast almost every morning (she knows the answer is no but refuses to give up). She would still prefer to wear no clothes if given the choice. Potty training is still a work in progress. I never dreamed it would take this long or be this hard. She does great if we are home and it is just us. If we go anywhere or someone comes over, it is an iffy situation. She tries to hold it as long as possible and refuses to go if she doesn't absolutely have to go (my Mom says that I deserve this).

One more thing... I got a hair cut if you hadn't noticed already. I haven't cut my hair above my shoulders since I was two so this was major.