Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's That?, Why?, and What'cha Doin' Momma?

Who knew that these three questions could be asked so many times a day by the same person. Yes, Braid has hit the curious stage and would like to know the answer to these questions to gain knowledge about the world as well as asking them for her amusement. She thinks it is quite funny if it annoys me in the least bit to be asked the same question about the same thing after I have already answered her. As with most things relating to my children, I try to take a laid back approach and act as if it is not a big deal. I try to act like it doesn't annoy me and I find great joy in answering her questions; it doesn't always work and she has figured it out. Braid is incredibly smart and picks up on the smallest of details.  She is an observer, whether it is learning a new song, a new sport, or a new trick. She never sings the song with you the first, second or third time. She just listens intently and watches your every move. Then she can repeat the song or whatever you are teaching her. It's definitely not always perfect but she does really well in my opinion. Braid has also been into shortening names lately. She calls her friend Corbin, "Corbie" and Cason, "Case". I have recently been shortened to Mom. For some reason, I really don't like this and would prefer to be called Momma. We are working on it. Then she also decided to shorten Maymee to Maym and Poppa to Pop. I hope this is a phase.

As much as Braid loves to test me and push my buttons, she is also the funniest and sweetest thing. I really laugh at her or with her throughout the day. Her hugs and kisses are the best and make you feel so loved. I'm going to try to get some video of her singing Fuzzy Caterpillar. It is the cutest song that Aunt Jessica taught her. I don't know if she will do it for the video camera, but I will really try. It will melt your heart.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little bit of everything

Although it has only been a couple of weeks since I last posted a blog, it seems that I have a huge list of things to write about that have happened to us over the past few weeks. So here is an abbreviated overview of the many things.
First of all, Braid got sick at the beginning of last week. She ran up to 104.3 temperature which sent me into a panic. We got it down with a cool bath and some tylenol and went to the doctor Monday morning (side note: why do we always seem to get sick on the weekend when the doctor's office is not open?). She had a virus that can last 3-5 days with a high temp. and she had a very soar throat. The doctor also said to keep Braid and Kate completely away from each other. A little too late and not really a possibility. So as Braid was getting well on Wednesday, Kate started running a temp of 100.4 so we took her to the doctor as well. She got up to 102.3 which also sent me into a panic. I kept a cool rag on her head and tried to get her to eat often. Kate doesn't quite have the pain tolerance that Braid has so the fussiness was a little more dramatic. Needless to say by Friday morning I was exhausted after getting little sleep through the week because I was up taking their temp every two hours and rocking babies during the day. However, Kate's temp had broke in the middle of Thursday night so Friday morning we packed and headed to Taos, NM for a wedding we had been planning to go to for months. I know what you are thinking; we are crazy. I would have to agree a little with you and I really agreed Friday night. The girls did great on the drive there but Kate was exhausted and still not feeling 100% so she cried more than her entire life put together that afternoon into the evening. I didn't know if her ears were infected or my sweet little angel was no longer my laid back easy going little girl, but I finally got her to sleep and she was wonderful the next day. We had a wonderful trip and were glad that we went.

We had a cherry tree right outside our condo. Braid loved it.

We have started potty training with Braid again. So far it is going very well and I have been very proud of her. She can be very, very stubborn about things so convincing her to do something can sometimes be difficult. Once she sets her mind to do something she is going to do it. She is positive about the training right now so we are off to a better start than last time.

I have to brag about Braid a little. She is extremely athletic and picks things up quickly. She observes for a while and then can perform the task quite well. She got a tee-ball set for her birthday and has been practicing. She now doesn't have to use the tee-ball stand and can hit a pitch from her Daddy with the bat. Pretty impressive for a 2 year old. She can hit the ball as far as 20 feet. She gets her athletic ability from her Daddy. He is so proud.

Then on a cute note, Braid received some flowers from her Daddy the other day. When I asked her what the card said, she replied with "Trust in the Lord with all your heart." (a memory verse she recently learned from a picture frame)  My heart melted.

Braid has been into dressing herself. This was her outfit choice on the first day of potty training. I thought Bryn would be so proud.

Kate turned 4 months old. She added a couple of rolls as a celebration. She has been giggling and is quite content most days. She smiles all of the time but you have to be pretty special to get her to giggle. She doesn't giggle for just anyone or at anything. It has to be really funny to her which can be difficult to figure out what is funny to a 4 month old. Kate just loves life. She is happy and content. I just love her smile and sweet nature. She is in no hurry to sit up, roll over or do anything physically exhausting. She does however stand with help and couldn't be prouder of herself. So cute. She also has found her thumb and is thrilled with this new find. She has always sucked on her hand, fingers or blanket but the thumb has been her best accomplishment in her book. She is also a slobber box. The front of her shirt is constantly wet but I will take it. She never, ever spits up. I really think she has only spit up maybe 3 times over her entire life. She doesn't believe in wasting one drop of food as one can see. We are about to try some rice cereal. I'll be sure to take some pictures of the upcoming event.

Have I told you I love baby rolls? Well, this girl is making me a very happy Momma.

Then here are a few more random pictures.

Braid pushing Kate in her baby stroller. Kate wasn't so sure about it at first but then enjoyed the ride. I was right there the entire time in case some of you were getting a little worried. :)

Braid and Bo headed to the Rodeo. Braid absolutely loved it. She cheered and screamed the whole time. Braid loves her date nights with her Daddy.

Swimming for the first time this summer in a big pool. Kate's first time to swim ever. She actually liked it much to our surprise. She doesn't like cold or even cool water so it really was a surprise.

Braid dancing for Kate. Kate  loves to watch Braid and really loves the little walker although she can't touch the ground quite yet.

Braid with Bo at his softball game. She got to run the bases afterwards with him. She also really enjoys watching the game and cheers at the appropriate times.