Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Independence at a Young Age

Braid has recently entered this highly independent stage in which she wants to do everything by herself.  She wants to pick out her own clothes (very opinionated; will only wear dresses most of the time), she wants to shower by herself, and she wants to go the bathroom by herself. The latter of the three is where today got a little interesting. She picked out a pink silky dress and her pink jelly shoes to go to the grocery store. A little dressed up but better than the first alternative which was an Easter dress. Before leaving the house to get the store she had to go the bathroom and insisted on being allowed to go by herself. I'm trying to get out the door so I allow it, and it was only number one so surely not too much harm can be done; one would assume. We get loaded in the car and off to the store we go. As we are walking into the store, we are all excited to see that the one shopping cart shaped like a car with the two steering wheels is available. This is a rare occasion in which I am always very thankful. As I am lifting Braid into the cart, I notice she seems a little bare and to my surprise she is not wearing any panties. There is no returning home at this point so we carry on. I purposely did not buckle her in so that maybe the dress would keep too many parts from touching and maybe the dress wouldn't ride up. As we are doing our grocery shopping, I forget about the missing panties. The shopping is going wonderful with both of the girls occupied with driving the cart. We get to check out and I have too many bags to fit back in the cart so the sweet bagger boy helps carry out some of my groceries. We load the car while the girls are still sitting in the cart. The boy then waits to take the cart back and this is when I realize Braid has buckled herself; I panic a little as I am trying to get it undone and not reveal that my daughter is not wearing panties. I finally get her unbuckled after a few sweating moments and then lift her up to put her in the car. It's a little breezy and as I am trying to keep the silky thin dress down... I fail and it flies up over her head bearing her bare bum to the poor bagger boy. The few seconds that it took me to get the dress back down felt like 5 minutes. The poor boy was so stunned that he couldn't move those few seconds. He then proceeded to race back to the store without a word. I was so embarrassed but couldn't stop laughing at the thought of that boys face. I've been laughing all day about it and thought you all might enjoy a laugh as well. I'm sure Braid will be appreciative of this story when she is in her teens.

Oh Braid, How I love you so...