Thursday, May 24, 2012

Having to eat my words...

I said that I would never start a blog but here I go eating my words again. Since having my first daughter, Braid, that seems to be a common theme. However, it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with my journal and I would like to be able to add pictures. We also have a lot of family that lives far away and I want them to be able to see the girls growing up.

Farming season is in full motion. This past week we have received some much needed rain and we are so very thankful. Braid is especially thankful because she loves the mud and loves the fun creatures that seem to come around after the rain. The frogs are singing and Bo found her a turtle in the yard. We also had a visit from a small garden snake on our back porch which Braid found fascinating. She said that she loves the snake. I don't know why she is so intrigued by snakes and such but she is and she apparently loves them. Braid loves many things including every person that she has ever met. I love this quality about her. She loves with all her heart and can make anyone feel as if they are the most important person in the world. She has never met a stranger and will talk to anyone that comes across her path. We get to say hello, hi or hey to every person we pass at the grocery store. It is amazing to see the impact a little girl's smile can have on a person. I love her sweet personality and her outlook on life.

This spring we were blessed with a second little girl, Kate. She is now 2 1/2 months old and we see more and more of her sweet personality everyday. My girls could not be any more opposite but I love it. They are each wonderful in their own special ways. First of all, you will notice that Kate is much darker complected than Braid. Kate also has dark brown hair and Braid is blonde.

Then as mentioned above, Braid has never met a stranger and Kate is still a little unsure about just who is and is not a stranger to her. She primarily prefers her Momma but has gotten a little better this past week. Kate loves Braid. Braid got her to smile for the first time. When Kate smiles, the whole room lights up. She is so, so sweet and very cuddly.  She's a very happy baby for the most part and just takes  a little longer to warm up to a new person.

Braid is 100% farm girl. She loves to be outside and loves loves to go with her Daddy. She will ride the tractor for hours with him and be a perfect angel. She prefers to be dirty and when I say dirty, I mean dirty. She likes her hair to be free and wild, her clothes to be comfy and her hands and feet to be covered in dirt. She doesn't care if it is cold or windy, she still prefers to be outside. She loves playing with water and dirt. The only thing she doesn't like but can't help being a little curious of is bugs.

Kate is starting to like being outdoors a little more. First of all, she hates to be cold so she was lucky to have an extremely warm spring. She doesn't like the wind and isn't sure about the rest just yet. She has found a new appreciation for the leaves blowing in the breeze and seems to enjoy them quite a lot. She loves for you to talk to her and will give you a huge smile. She coos and talks to us a lot.

Welcome to the life of the Stevens.