Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kate Turns One!

Our little baby just turned one and has become a little girl all of the sudden. She started walking this past week, started saying a few more words and has a personality to match a one year old. To say that she is a goof-ball doesn't even begin to describe her or capture her entire personality. She is hilarious and she knows it.

  • Her new thing is to make a frowny face at you and then smile or not depending on her mood. 
  • She has become quite the little sneaky one. She has also encouraged Braid to get in on the fun... like putting half a toilet paper roll in the toilet or pressing the keys on my printer/fax. 
  • She loves the phone and to press buttons on it. It is only an acceptable toy if it is the real thing and has the battery in it. 
  • She loves to ham it up for pictures. 
  • She likes to wrestle with her sister until one of them usually gets hurt (not always Kate). She can pull a chunk of hair faster and harder than imaginable. 
  • She has become somewhat of a picky eater but still does pretty good. 
  • We have allowed her to keep her pacifier and bottle so far. She probably wouldn't care if we took the bottle away but the pacifier is another story. We are giving her an extension until she is 15-16 months and then it will have to be taken away. This will not be a fun week or two for any of us. 
  • She loves to play outside and do anything her sister is doing. 
  • She no longer is considered sensitive and has really become quite the bully. She likes to hit anything and anyone. We are working on being gentle. Braid went through this phase as well. 
  • But on the other side, she is a cuddle bug through and through. She loves to give kisses and hugs. They are the sweetest ever. I can't get enough of them. 
  • She loves, loves to climb on things including step stools, chairs, couches, etc. 

We threw her a little birthday party with a few friends. Funny how things change between your first and second. We got her a ball from Walmart for her birthday and made her a lollipop cake. She loved it and so did we.

She also got a little cake at Bryn's wedding reception and everyone sang her happy birthday. It was really sweet. I don't have any pictures from the wedding but can't wait to see them.

We love you baby girl and are so excited to see what this next year brings, although we wish we could freeze this time in our lives to just soak up your little personality. You have been a sweet addition to our little family and we wouldn't trade you for the world. Thanks for being you and filling our lives with love and joy.

- Daddy, Momma and Braid