Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ring is Phoning

   One morning as we are getting ready, Braid is in the kitchen eating her breakfast when her Daddy's phone starts to ring. She is the only one in the room so she yells, "The ring is phoning! The ring is phoning! Daddy get your phone!" She runs to get it and answers "hello" as it rings for the last time. She takes it to Bo and says "Awwww, the phone no ring anymore Daddy" It was just too cute. She talks really well now but every now and again she gets too excited and mixes her words. I love these moments. She has just been growing up too quickly. I feel like this last week or two she has really become a little girl. She has slimmed up and lost all of her baby chub. She has also become a huge help around the house, although she's had a few 2 year old moments of stubbornness and attitude. She bit Kate twice in one day; hopefully this is not a reoccurring event. They weren't horrible but it was still biting; poor Kate.
     Bo and I got to go out for the first time in a really long time. We had a wonderful time with our friends Mark and Kelsi at the Aaron Watson Concert here in Clovis. Aaron has also been a long time friend and he got to come over for the afternoon. Braid fell in love with Aaron and was almost in tears when he had to leave. Aaron went and drove the tractor with Bo for a while and I think they both had a great time. While Bo and I really enjoyed the concert and had a wonderful time, Kate was not too thrilled with it all. I put her to bed before we left and was hoping she wouldn't wake up while my mom came to watch the girls for us. Unfortunately for her, Kate decided to wake up 5 minutes after we left and cry for the next hour. Thankfully, my mom stuck it out and got her back to sleep. Thank You. We had a wonderful time.
     Kate got to have her first horse ride the other day. She wasn't as thrilled about it as you might think but she didn't hate it either. Braid also got to ride and loved it.

Braid enjoying one of her favorite things of the summer, picking and eating apples out behind the house.