Saturday, February 8, 2014

Holiday Fun

Thanksgiving Roadtrip

Texico, NM to Edmond, OK to Springfield, MO to Mayfield, KY to Nashville, TN to McEwen, TN back to Texico.   Wow, are you tired yet? Our DRIVING trip was marked with a success. We couldn't have asked for the girls to be better and we all had a great time. Every place we stopped was filled with family and fun. I thought that I took more pictures than I did (which is usually the case with me) so a few stops didn't have any pictures. Why do I forget to take pictures? Anyways, we are so thankful for a safe trip and wonderful family. We love you all and thank you for sharing your homes. 

Horseback riding in MO. The girls absolutely loved it despite it being freezing. Thank you Uncle Tyler.  We stayed with Uncle Thomas and Aunt Donna. They really put the standard high for the rest of the trip. Uncle Mike and Aunt Bryn drove down to visit with us while we were there. Such a special treat. 

Then Nana took us to a new Discovery Center in KY. The girls had a blast. Such a fun day.

Riding horses at Robert and Angela's. Also, the girls got to get an egg that was laid by one of Angela's chickens. The egg didn't even get broken after being handled by about 5 kids. That's amazing if you ask me.

 Special times with Nana, Papaw, and Mamaw.

 Visiting Uncle Bruce and Aunt Roxanne. Their place is beautiful and we were all needing some time with them. We miss them so much.

So sad I didn't get any pictures from Nashville. We got to stay with Conor and Boothe's family. It was perfect and we all had a blast. I think we were having so much fun, I just forgot the camera. All the Mayfield's got together Saturday night and had a blast cheering on Auburn. I love family time.

Tybee Island

Nana treated us to a special trip down to Tybee Island and Savannah, GA. We all loved loved the beach even though it was really cold. We will definitely be going to the beach in the future. Kate was not a huge fan of the sand on her feet. She has sensitive feet (silly girl) but still loved it. If the water was warm enough to was the sand off of them then she would be perfectly happy. Braid on the other hand would rather be completely frozen than leave the beach. She loved every part of it, including the seagulls who attacked you at any sign of food. Having a picnic on the beach would be out of the question. It was a really fun place to visit and there was so much to do. We went to Savannah one day and did a tour and lots of sight seeing. What a fun town full of history. We also climbed the Tybee Island lighthouse. Braid walked all the way up and down by herself. I also did it pregnant. I'm pretty proud of us both. I just love the joy and happiness in the girls faces in all these pictures. 

A little toe licking to keep the car trip fun and interesting. I'm glad Nana was riding in the backseat with the girls at this time. 


Gingerbread house making with our friends... The girls had a great time and did really well. Kate and Autumn mostly enjoyed getting to eat candy while building but they still managed to build some pretty houses. Braid and Natalie were pros. They are growing up so fast.

Cookies, milk and letters for Santa...
Christmas morning. The girls put on every article of clothing they got which was ballerina outfits. Kate also got big girl panties. She had on at least 3 the entire day.
 Excited about the outside sink that their Daddy built them. It will actually function this summer when it warms up. I can't wait for mud pies.

Christmas at Grandma's. Who knew pj's could be used as baby blankets too? Thanks Meagan.

Bryn and Mike came over the last night before they had to go home. The girls got to have horseback rides and were in heaven. We had so much fun and got to hear some pretty funny stories about Mike's childhood. Love you guys. Come home soon again.

For Bryn

Bryn has been requesting an update for a while now so I am dedicating this post to you. Lots of pictures with a few comments. Sorry it has been so long. Love you. Thank you for being such a loyal follower of the blog. Your the best!

I'm going in reverse order. I don't know if I will make it all the way back to my last post. This winter has been full of events and fun.

Snow Day

Braid was so excited for snow. We missed the big snow of the winter but at least we got to go play a little bit. She really wants to play sports (sledding, building a snowman, etc.) but we just didn't have enough so she is still praying really hard for more snow and rain everyday. 

Ruidoso Trip with the Ellsworth Family

We had a blast in Ruidoso with some great friends. The girls did not want to leave and honestly neither did I. It was relaxing and fun all at the same time. A perfect way to end the winter before we get busy with farming and adding another little one to our family. The girls all slept in the same room and did great. Their first official sleepover and both parents got to be a part of it. We roasted marshmallows (for smores), climbed the biggest rock in the world (according to Natalie), and shopped downtown. We also stayed up until 2 in the morning playing a game called Settlers of Catan. I haven't been up that late since I can't remember. 

The one above is for Nana. They both remembered to get their walking sticks.

Kate's first pony tail

Bathroom Remodel

Loving the new bathroom. So very proud of Bo for doing it and thankful for my Dad's help.


We had a wonderful time with family in Atlanta before heading down to Tybee Island. All the kids played excellent together and had so much fun. Such a blessing to get to see our family that lives to far away. We love you guys.

Next blog should include Tybee Island, Christmas, and Thanksgiving...